Wines Tree conceives beautiful
French terroir expressions

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Importers/distributers, chainstores and airline companies are the three principal types of customer that Wines Tree work with.
Take the top of the market generalist American store Costco as an example. Their clients are affiliated members, and they propose a selected range of appellations and well-known brands. As the foremost importer of fine wines in the world, the Costco chain distributes Wines Tree wines in England, Japan, Mexico and Australia.

For Japan Airlines, Wines Tree supplies the Baron Maxime range, a single varietal in 187ml PET bottles, for all of their international flights. Wines Tree were able to meet all the strict conditions of this company and adapt to its requirements.

Wines Tree are already established in England, Denmark, Germany and Italy via their distribution network, and also further afield, notably Russia, Japan, China, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and, most recently… Brazil.

If Wines Tree have thus developed it’s thanks to their range of typically French wines, and the combination of quality, creativity and regularity in their constant efforts to satisfy their customers.

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