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French terroir expressions

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To begin with – a look back in time. In 1854, the Double family acquired the Château de Beaupré, near Aix-en-Provence, which they first of all used as a staging post for changing horses half way between their other properties in Marseille and the Luberon. In 1890, Baron Emile Double planted the very first vines around the château and was soon taking his wines by horse and carriage to sell direct to the wholesalers in Marseille, which at the time was a pretty new idea.

Three generations later Maxime Double, the heir to this line of enterprising and innovative wine producers, set about developing the export market for the wines of the family domain Château de Beaupré. In the year 2000, he created the wine trading company Wines Tree, whose wines come principally from the south of France, but also from other wine producing areas of renown. Little by little importers from all over the world have been seduced by these wines – in the United States, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Europe of course, and many other countries.

With the experience gained as part of this family of well reputed winemakers in the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence appellation, Maxime Double decided to launch his own range of wines, and in so doing revealed himself as an astute selector of talented producers. With them, Wines Tree makes quality wines for target markets which express the uniqueness of their individual ‘terroirs’, or geographical origins, and at the same time respond to customer requirements.

As editor of wines, Wines Tree creates new wines in partnership with producers from different regions, controlling all aspects from the organoleptic quality of the wine right up to labeling and packaging. The aim is to bring out the unique personality of each wine and respond to targeted market needs.

Wines Tree is then also responsible for the marketing of its portfolio of brands via different partnerships and networks principally overseas.

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