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Cloître des Dames
papes dames maxime soleil primaviva muraille
lys leopold

AOC Margaux


Generosity and femininity are the hallmarks of this wine.

Think of Bordeaux, think of our Cloître des Dames: a rare elegance, a suave and delicate bouquet of exceptional finesse, a symphony of fruit and floral aromas, with lightly spicy notes. And at the same time a quiet strength and great persistence with no hint of harshness or arrogance. The perfect description of a true lady! And these qualities we attribute to our wine… in all modesty, of course!

AOC Margaux Red 2005 : Lien vers la fiche

AOC Margaux Red 2008 : Lien vers la fiche

AOC Graves Red 2009 : Lien vers la fiche

AOC Cotes de Bordeaux Red 2009 : Lien vers la fiche

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